Adapted Mind- An interactive website for elementary students to practice math skills.


  • Free trial membership for 30 days, membership is $9.95/month up to five students
  • Easy to use
  • Has math practice for students from first to sixth grade
  • Skills include number sense, basic operations, measurement, elapsed time, money, geometry, etc.
  • Has videos to demonstrate math concepts
  • Concepts are explained in terms that are easy to grasp.
  • Students earn fun badges for accomplishments, mastery of a skill and correctly answering problems
  • Motivational for struggling students
  • Can practice at home or at school
  • Members get progress reports and results are displayed in real time
  • Can be used for differentiated instruction
  • Students progress at their own pace
  • Printable worksheets
  • Lots of skills to practice and you can see examples when scrolling over each link
  • Curriculum is adapted to the student based on a pretest.
  • very engaging and children-friendly


  • Monthly membership fee
  • Students may not have internet access at home
  • Practice is just math problems (not games) and students may not be as excited to use
  • Everyone will be on different topics (self-paced)
  • Videos from You Tube may be blocked at school
  • No extra help if student does not master skill
  • no help with the instructions


  • Teachers can use for students who need extra practice
  • Students can use to master skills
  • Teachers can see students' progress
  • Teachers can use students' progress as an indicator of who needs intervention
  • Students can have parents help at home while they complete problems
  • Teachers can use as a motivator to master math skills
  • Students can monitor their own progress and have real time feedback


  • No threats observed

Ideas for the classroom

  • Can use with math centers as computer rotation
    • The instructional videos that accompany each lesson will help students work independently within centers. This will help keeps students active at their center rather than needing teacher assistance.
  • Can use as a motivator with prizes/rewards for skills achieved
  • Teachers can use progress reports to determine which students need extra help
  • Teachers can use feedback to tailor lessons
  • Teachers can have parents help their children at home
  • Students can work at home if they run out of time at school
  • Teachers can work on specific skills as needed during the year
  • Teachers can use for differentiated instruction
-Kelley Ward