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Adobe TV - Learn how to use the programs through tutorials
Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube Channel
Lynda - External site that has tutorials for learning how to use the Adobe Creative Suite

SWOT analysis


  • Full Access to Adobe Creative Suite Software
  • Ability to create projects and share seamlessly through the cloud
  • Allows for collaboration and sharing with mobile devices
  • Ideal program set for digital design curriculum
  • Professional level design capability but also great for beginners
  • Tutorials are widespread and students can learn just about anything they would want to do in digital design through the tutorials
  • Great potential for student growth in digital design skills
  • Licensing available for schools and individuals
  • Automatic upgrades for software
  • Unmatched collaboration potential in digital design. Adobe Creative Suite is the standard for digital design. Skills students develop using these programs can lead to college and career achievement


  • Users or schools do not own the software. Once the user cancels the subscription they cannot edit their documents.
  • Does not allow for real-time mult-iuser editing. Need external program or Remote Access to have live interaction.
  • In the long run, buying the individual programs may be less expensive. See this video regarding pricing.
  • Adobe Connect is not included with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Very niche Web 2.0 program... really only applicable for high school or college digital design classrooms... possibly middle school


  • Digital design teachers could give students a variety of tools to use and learn in the classroom. The diverse programs offer a rich choice of tools to create digital material.
  • The cloud could allow students to work collaboratively on projects using the different programs.
  • The programs and cloud could provide a rich environment for students taking multiple years of a digital school curriculum.
  • Colleges and Universities as well as Industry use Adobe Creative Suite and students using these programs could have a very authentic learning experience with the Suite and collaboration in the classroom
  • Digital design teams work together to accomplish projects and the cloud would allow students to work in an environment similar to many digital design companies


  • The teacher will need an external program to monitor students in the cloud. The program itself does not allow for an Adobe Connect type of experience that allows the main host to control the environment.
  • Copyright and common use are critical concerns that must be addressed in any digital design classroom. Extra care should be taken as students use these programs and publish content online. Students should be well taught on these topics before use of these programs.

Classroom Ideas:

As stated before this web 2.0 tool is only applicable for digital design curriculum classrooms. The teacher will need to make sure to have a system set up to monitor their students as they share through the Adobe Cloud. Teachers could set up groups where students work on the same project but have to use different programs. For instance, a teacher could assign one group member to use Photoshop, another Illustrator, and another In Design to come up with an advertisement for a company or a magazine cover page. What would make this even stronger would be the ability for users to work on each others screens. Having multiple remote accesses could achieve this possibly. See this link for details.