• virtual canvas
  • virtual sketchpad
  • create art
  • hosts over 100,000 posters and prints made by other users and members
  • can print your masterpiece
  • can email copies of your masterpiece to your friends
  • "tips" list is helpful in providing guidelines so you can navigate the site well
  • "view another" lets you look to other artwork
  • "add to this painting" allows you to edit and add to any existing painting

  • free
  • user friendly
  • do not have to join, can start creating art right away
  • visually pleasing to look at
  • it is a virtual canvas for students to see immediate results of creating art
  • large number of other artwork readily available
  • can collaborate on artwork
  • see other people's artwork
  • Art.com allows all students to engage in art, not just the fortunate or privileged.
  • Users can continuously make changes to art work with minimal effort.

  • can only paint really
  • almost too simple
  • limited number of effects
  • limited number of additional add ons
  • can seem simplistic
  • no way to have a home page for your self
  • no way to create a portfolio for yourself
  • not real easy to find what you created

  • students can practice creating art online
  • students can add to other existing art
  • can view other existing art
  • virtual use of online tools
  • being part of a bigger picture
  • work in teams
  • work individually
  • instant results and success
  • Art.com gives students the opportunity to stimulate and develop both sides of their brains through the creation of abstract masterpieces with just a swipe of their fingers.

  • changing other peoples' art just to be difficult
  • Art.com is so fun and entertaining that students may become addicted to playing around and or wasting time on the website.

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