ART SNACKS: A Positive Learning Community for Artists

(1.) Link:

(A.) Strengths:

-Art is Learning and Learning is Art
-First Runner Up EduBlog Awards 2010: Best Use of Video
-Free to Join
-Features Learning Center Links which includes lessons, videos, and vocabulary
-Showcase Student Art in a safe and positive way

(B.) Weaknesses:

-Create a Login Name and Password to Join (Not much of a weakness!)
-This site blocked by my district (LAUSD)

(C.) Oppurtunities:

-Upload Videos and Share Lessons with fellow teachers
-Collaborate with community members
-Showcase student work as young as Pre-K
-Download videos and critques to use in the classroom

(D.) Threats:

-Art is uploaded that is not appropriate (They warn about this in regards to little artists.)

(3.) Ideas for the Classroom:

-Showcase each student's art on the site
-Critiques available for lessons
-Virtual Field Trips