Storyjumper is a digital storybook for the elementary classroom.




  • can create a class roster
  • set up multiple classes
  • students are given a "screen name" and only initials are used
  • creates a letter to go home to parents with web address, students screen name and password and how todirection how to access book. (Saves teachers time!)
  • password protected
  • can established a predetermined time limit; so if working in a computer lab, other classes that come in after you cannot edit or delete the books that were being created
  • students can access from home
  • once a book is created, students have the choice to share it or not. Levels of sharing are: only me, friends and family, public.
  • breadcrumbs are easy to navigate at the top
  • can create a book from scratch
  • can add to an existing book
  • can delete or add pages to create a desired length of book
  • can import photos
  • predetermined scenes, props that students can choose from
  • can view other books that people have made- this seems safe enough- nothing controversial or inappropriate that I could see.
  • can search for other premade books by topic
  • FREE for educators/schools
  • book can be emailed to share
  • paper copy of book can be printed
  • books can be bought, hard covered for $24.95
  • for teachers there is a "Classroom Edition Quick Guide" with resources and links for facilitating students through this
  • provides a printable story board for preplanning stories within the Guide
  • gives ideas for students to help them along in the story creation process- suggests problems, solutions, character traits, etc, etc


  • to order a book it must be 16 pages
  • cost of the book is a bit high- $24.95
  • only print media- no way to add voice or audio clips
  • graphics are a bit on the primary side, but I do think intermediate students would LOVE this because it is very simple to use


  • an excellent way to teach creative writing
  • could be used for students at the conclusion of a unit as a formative assessment
  • great way to share with families what students are doing in the classroom
  • could promote fluency as students read, and reread their work and the work of others
  • group collaboration- work on a story together!


  • students may spend an exorbitant amount of time "playing" around with the different features (i.e. props and scenes)
  • ??? It seems like a really great, safe tool!

Ideas for the Classroom

  • excellent way to make "Social Stories" for ASD children- quick and easy. In fact, high functioning students with Autism may love to create their own social story.
  • use as formative assessment
  • use for behavior modification (reward to go on computer and create story)
  • use to promote writing and reading skills
  • small group work