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Class Examples
Spanish 1 Voki assignment (scroll down for Voki example)
  • Students can remain anonymous by not revealing their actual picture and instead using an avatar when publishing to the world.
  • Able to download a Voki to your phone
  • Provides a new method of student presentation (can be viewed outside the classroom)
  • Content friendly - can be integrated in any curriculum area.
  • Preparing for a Voki creation enables students to carefully organize their thoughts
  • Provides students with the opportunity to practice their speaking (and pronunciation) skills


  • The maximum recording time is 60 seconds.
  • If too many students are working at once on their recordings using their cellphones, the website can experience slow running time.
  • Requires an email address to set up account, so that one can “keep” his/her Voki creations.
  • TOO fun—making the avatar is so much fun that students lose their focus on task at hand, and spend more time making funny avatars.
  • Users can experience frustration by not being able to keep the same avatar for future use (one needs to start from scratch every time you create a new Voki.) This is not accurate...I have edited a voki and changed it's text many times....you do need to reload the url because with each edit - the url changes.
  • When typing text you may need to type phonetically so that the voki pronounces the word correctly. This may take several tries.HFIJEBWNEIQNBKVWORPHUVACKLSMDGHIRDKSVL MX:VHGRWDKNS JDIRRRRRDSWHINUYT3QURCGH2DQENRWFY S89UDB IXDAUG RNJKHUEWHDFUI FHEWIAOG FEAW8UN
  • To aid resource students, teacher can record oral pronunciation of vocabulary words as a review-guide for upcoming assessments.
  • Teachers can get attention by letting their VOKI give the instructions.
  • Pintu dan jendela, Toko bunga jakarta, Toko bunga