(1) Resources links and/or class examples:

(2) SWOT

(a) Strengths:

  • Free
  • Easy to use: Making movies process is simplified
  • Movies can be posted in youtube
  • Movies in 3D
  • Control over backgrounds, characters, camera angles, and so on.
  • Do not need special software, just a computer with internet access
  • Immediate feedback
  • Page in different languages
  • Movies can be shared in __Digg__ __Delicious__ __Reddit__ __Stumbleupon__ __Facebook__ and __Myspace__
  • Students and teachers can subscribe to the blog
  • Can be an in class or out of school educational tool

(b) Weaknesses:

  • Need to sign up to publish a movie
  • Free access allows limited content
  • Email authorization (this can not be done at all schools because most schools block private email accounts)
  • Can mispronounce text/dialogue

(c) Opportunities

  • Great opportunity for long-distance classes
  • Can be use with international students
  • Great way to create homework activities
  • Good way to introduce students to a particular topic
  • Innovative way to do class presentations
  • Students can share videos with classmates
  • Students can share videos with students in distant schools
  • Teachers can share class activities in a movie format with other teachers
  • Good way to present real situations (such as jobs and school interviews) in the classroom
  • Great to get shy students to practice their conversation homework
  • Students can create movies or reports, or news about any subject
  • Creative and interactive for all grade levels

(d) Threats

  • Kids can write any script they want and could use bad words
  • Kids can be distracted with other videos not related with the classroom activities
  • Some available characters can be innapropriate for some grade levels

(3) Ideas for the classroom

  • Teachers can use the resource when teaching inquiry based activities: The introduction could be a short video with questions and answers to engage kids to that topic.
  • You can find some ideas in this website
  • Students can make documentaries about history episodes
  • Students can make a news show showing the latest events in the world
  • Counselors can have students use for other way of expression during sessions.
  • Students can re-create scenes from plays in new original ways (modern Romeo & Juliet)