Yodio is web 2.0 tool for audio creation and up loader that allows the user to create personalized voice to photos by using your phone number to record. You begin by thinking about an interesting topic, recent trip, business idea or educational project to record or, grab a photo to tell its story
! Once the presentation has been created from your phone or computer, it can be embed into any website.

· Yodio for Education (watch the video)


· Free for basic membership.
· Just phone 1-571-730-5588 and follow the prompts to make your recording.
· The ability to move one picture each time with audio.
· Sharing can be made so global learning. It can take place outside the classroom.
· Nothing is more true than "A picture is worth a thousand words."
· May be edited for content focal points.
· Great for those classrooms that do not have access to microphones.

· Account is signed by password.
· Upgrade version has a monthly fee.
· Classroom subscription is not available.
· There are so many learning opportunities here. In personal narration, science for dissecting, art for creating portfolio, step by step lessons, etc.
· Providing the choice of organizing picture orally with visual image through personal cell phone.
· Voice becomes powerful with your visual.
· What a great opportunity to collaborate with students across the country or the world.
· Students could take pictures and explain a recipe.
· Combining thoughts with audio and visual aspects could be inspiring.
· Powerful tool for digital storytelling with personal narration

· Some students are more comfortable recording than others.
· Student needs to have their personal cell phone.
· Shy students can have trouble recording.



· Students can share interests & reflections about a field trip photographs with personal comments.
· Share favorite characters in a novel read by the class.
· Use historical pictures, do research and give the report orally while viewing the visual.
· For art, language arts, math and science lessons can become more alive and realistic using this technology.
· Geography comes alive with photographs of people and places.
· Students can present audio / digital book reports with camera phone.
· Students can reflect on a speaker they just heard.
· More categories to choose from Yodio resources.


Examples of Use in the Classroom
· Yodio from Utah
Use in the world language classroom