aNobii is a social networking site designed for readers to catalogue, rate, review, and discuss books with other readers across the world


SWOT Analysis:

Strengths --
  • Wide variety of books to choose from
  • Search engine allows users to find items easily
  • Users can see reviews of the book from other readers
  • Users can access information on the book, such as a book description, price, and the publisher information
  • Search books with the title, author, or ISBN
  • Users can recommend books via email
  • Users can create a wish list of books they would like to read
  • Organizes the user's list of books read and categorizes them
  • Users can rate books and share reviews of books they've read

  • The site is not filtered-- students can possibly see inappropriate material/comments from other users
  • The site does not regularly update the book list and therefore some books cannot be found
  • The site can be a little intimidating to use, especially for younger students
  • Would be challenging to monitor students' use of the website, as there is no history viewing option available
  • This site age appropriateness: 18yr-24yrs.

Opportunities --
  • Students can share their books/reviews with other students across the world
  • Students could create book clubs and use the website as the main forum to discuss their readings
  • Students could learn how to effectively write recommendations for books and learn the best way to "grade" a novel
  • Students could use this website to find new books to read, based on their preferences
  • A great way for students to master how to search for books therefore mastering print knowledge of a book's author, title, and ISBN number

Threats --
  • The site has no parental settings and therefore teachers/parents cannot monitor the content on the site
  • The site allows any user to publish comments/reviews and there is no way to filter any inappropriate material

Ideas for The Classroom --
  • Students can use this site to search for books with the author's name, title, or ISBN number
  • Students can create book clubs and use the site to discuss and share their readings with each other and with students across the world
  • Students can use the search engine to determine who is reading the book they are currently reading and use this information to compare/contrast the audience of the book