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authorStream allows you to upload a PowerPoint presentation while maintaining its original settings. authorStream makes PowerPoint presentations interactive and collaborative by choosing the Present Live option, which provides a discussion window where you can invite people to join you to discuss the presentation and provide feedback and suggestions.

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  • FREE
  • Allows user to share PowerPoint presentations on sites such as YouTube and Facebook
  • Easy to understand, step-by-step introduction to how it worls
  • Allows users to discuss presentations live and leave feedback
  • Allows user to add audio to PowerPoint
  • Channels allow users to share presentations based on a common theme, making it easier to find presentations on specific topics
  • Makes creating and sending greeting cards easy
  • Do not need to sign up, can upload as a guest
  • Allows user to share a presentation live, thus giving contacts the opportunity to provide instant feedback
  • Powerpoint presentations can be downloaded and copied with author's authorization
  • Can keep presentations private and only allow approved contacts to view them
  • Presentations in Spanish are available
  • If you create a channel, you have control over what presentations are added to it by other users
  • Not all presentations contain audio for younger children
  • No text to accompany presentation
  • Requires email address to be able to sign in
  • Files being uploaded must be less than 1 GB
  • PowerPoints uploaded must be less than 30 MB
  • For large presentations, upload periods can last up to several hours
  • Can only upload up to 20 presentations as private
  • Users can only create a maximum of two channels
  • Must receive permission form the channel creator before adding presentations to channels


  • Continue or create discussions after class
  • Teachers can create class channels in which students upload and share presentations
  • Students have the opportunity to create, edit, and publish PowerPoints


  • The content on the PowerPoint is not always monitored, so children should be supervised
  • The content of the PowerPoint can be subjective or misleading
  • PowerPoints available on an educational may not necessarily be appropriate for children and should be previewed
  • All guest-uploaded presentations are public and may not be appropriate for children

Ideas for the classroom

  • Students can create PowerPoint presentations on various topics with narration to share with classmates
  • Students can create greeting cards to send to children in other states or countries
  • Teachers can prerecord audio and create a presentation to share on days in which he or she will be absent
  • Teachers can create exam reviews that students can access from home