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SWOT Analysis: is an online collaborative document editor.

- private storage
- creates an index of all your documents
- can be set to inform you of any editing or changes to your document
- you can set A.nnotate up on your own server
- runs using your web browser (Firefox or IE)
- no need for plug-ins from adobe or flash
- free preview available
- free limited access account available (30 pages per month limit)
- can be used on your own website or blog to allow users to make private or public comments based on their snapshot of the site
- can be used to edit .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, and .xls
-educational discounts
-can be used for peer review
-indexes all documents
-keeps things in an organized fashion
-Can be linked with social networking sites to better share and update documents.
-embedded into the browser, so nothing needs to be downloaded

- costs $5.95 a month
-might be complicated for some to use/difficult to understand
-must have Internet
-more complicated and more pricey than free Google Docs, although they provide slightly different services

-excellent resource for high school students when writing papers or AP English exams
-ability for collaborative work while still working using independent time

-Interactions between users are not monitored. Comments and edits could be potentially harmful.
-Having a class account may cause students to delete or edit other students' assignments

Ideas for Classroom:
-Can be used by a music teacher in the classroom room. A score from a musical work can be uploaded and students can analyze the piece and make notes and comments as they go.
-Can be used by language arts teachers to correct student writing rather then revising and editing constantly.
-Class A.nnotate account so that comments may be made by the teacher and checked by students
-Allow students to use to collaborate on class projects
-Use class account for peer reviewing
- One of the hosted solutions offered on the site is that users can sign up for a free account themselves. After signing up for a free account users can upload documents and then share those documents with others using a link. A teacher could have a small group of students sign up for an individual account and annotate as a group using one email address. After they finish, they can share their link with their teacher. This will allow for collaboration in groups instead of having one account for the whole class.