Adobe Team File Sharing Workspaces (includes what was known as adobe buzzword)

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SWOT Analysis:

  • FREE!
  • Great choice for graphics, which is not surprising, given that it is an Adobe program.
  • Store up to 5GB worth of documents online. Takes up NO memory on your computer.
  • Online word processor that stores documents online.
  • Any alternative to Microsoft Office's Word is cause for celebration.
  • Does not require you to sign into your email account, so you can use it in schools even where you are barred access to your email account - and thus barred access to Google docs.
  • Access anywhere! No more storing documents on flash drives to take from computer to computer.
  • No installation required - requires no disk space.
  • Collaborate and Share Documents, and control who can see and share documents. Buzzword is ideal for collaboration, because documents can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Share and collaborate in real time.
  • Imports Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), Word 2003 XML (.xml), Open Office (.odt), Rich text Format (.rtf), and plain text documents (.txt) into word processor.
  • Exports into Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), Word 2003 XML (.xml), Open Office (.odt), Rich text Format (.rtf), plain text documents (.txt), Adobe PDF (.pdf) and HTML (.html).
  • What you see on the page is what you will get when you print the document, unlike with Google Docs where page breaks and layouts displayed may differ from what prints.
  • Buzzword is flash-based, whereas Google-docs is HTML-based. Flash offers better possibilities. Buzzword is a real word processor, with capabilities both online and in print, while Google docs is more about capturing text online.
  • Buzzword is prettier than Google docs. Call me shallow, but appearance matters.
  • It has a free App where you can electronically sign any document.

  • Cannot import Adobe PDF (.pdf) and HTML (.html) files into Buzzword.
  • Only offers a few fonts. This could also be considered a strength if you spend a lot of time debating among various font possibilities.
  • Table settings are not as sophisticated (but thus not as complicated) as Microsoft word.
  • No footnotes, only endnotes. If using Terabian or Chicago-style documentation, you're out of luck for academic work.
  • Does not import live links if you use ctrl + c, ctrl +v to copy and paste.
  • I did a Resources, SWOT Analysis, and Ideas for the Classroom list on a new page I created. See below for an in-depth view of the page I created.
  • If you lack internet access or your internet goes down, you lose the opportunity to collaborate in real time. You can save a copy to your desktop and work on it from there, but then you have to import the material back into the online application.
  • Your eSignature is limited to documents with in this software.
  • Requires signing up for, which limits membership to people age 13 and up, therefore it (for the most part) cannot be used in K-6 classrooms.
  • Flash based program, which cannot be used on Apple ipads and iphones.

  • Buzzword Roles: Co-author, Reviewer, and Reader. Co-author can edit and change document. Reviewers can add comments, but cannot edit the document itself. A reader can access the document, but cannot add comments or make any textual changes to the document.
  • No longer have to keep emailing documents to self or saving them on flash drives. Documents are always available online, so you can spend more time working on the documents themselves, and less time emailing and downloading documents to different computers. Work from school, home, anywhere you have internet access.
  • Imagine collaborating with other teachers, and students in learning. Work on curriculum across departments in real time. Send lesson plans and curriculum maps to your department head and get comments back and track changes in real time.
  • Progress reports and other letters can be signed via eSignature to reduce the students ability to refuse to notify parents.

  • Part of beta. Although Adobe has promised that there will always be a free version of Buzzword available, versions with greater functionality may eventually be offered at a premium.
  • Does not let you cut and paste in photographs using ctrl +c, ctrl +v commands. You can only insert file saved on your desktop.
  • Makes the isolation you feel when your internet is not working that much more acute.

Ideas for the Classroom:

  • Try having students collaborate on a document or series of documents using Buzzword. It can be used similar to a Wiki, but with greater readability and better (prettier) formatting.
  • Let your students create and collaborate in documents amongst themselves and across other classrooms.
  • Students can use buzzword instead of Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. Information is accessible from home computer, classroom computer, school library, other classes. Student can share document with teacher for review and help with the editing process.

Adobe Buzzword Part One - Video from Teacher Tube by: Lee Keller and Kim Cavanaugh
Adobe Buzzword Part Two - Video from Teacher Tube by: Lee Keller and Kim Cavanaugh

Adobe Buzzword Part Three - Video from Teacher Tube by: Lee Keller and Kim Cavanaugh

Examples of Use in the Classroom