Adobe Connect is a virtual conferencing application.

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SWOT analysis


  • Capable of collaborating with up to 1,500 users at once
  • Virtual conferencing, collaboration, sharing, planning, presenting
  • Can collaborate world wide with any other Adobe Connect user
  • Staff development can be done virtually
  • Video conferencing and chat/discussion forum
  • Calendar to schedule events within the application
  • Can be used on certain smart phones and tablets
  • Reports for usage, progress tracking, etc. can be created within the application
  • Webcam can be turned off so the collaboration can become one way


  • Expensive monthly subscription required
  • Webcam required
  • Flash Player required
  • High internet speed required


  • Teachers can participate in professional developments or attend meetings from within their classroom or any computer that has a Webcam with an Adobe Connect subscription
  • Teachers can collaborate and plan with other teachers in different schools, districts, states, etc.


  • Since there is a Webcam, students can be vulnerable to viewing or being viewed by an unverified guest or a guest with inappropriate content (this is not likely as the Adobe Connect subscriber must sign in and verify the guest). Also the Webcam on either end can be turned off or muted so it is just a one way conference.

Ideas for the Classroom:

  • Virtual field trips
  • Team planning
  • Students connecting with diverse student populations and locations