Adobe Photoshop Express Online

Adobe Photoshop Express Online is a digital photo-editing site. The software is a free Web application based on the popular (and expensive) CSS software, Adobe Photoshop. As a member of this site you can upload images and edit photos with commonly used tools such as resizing, exposure, red-eye removal, etc.


Adobe recently updated this version creating several applications for different functions online.

This is the new link:

With Adobe® Photoshop® Express online apps, it takes no time at all to make good photos look great and great photos look amazin—and then show them off via web galleries and favorite sharing sites. Plus, you can keep your photos well-organized and safely backed up.

Theminus Yanengga

SWOT Analysis


  • Online editing tool can perform many tasks for free that might cost up to $100, if purchased.
  • Uploading of images is done by the "browse for file" method which is easy to use.
  • Ability to manipulate image or choose part of image to edit.
  • Includes good help section with FAQs, tutorials, videos, etc.
  • Switch between full screen or just within browser window.
  • Create text, bubble talkers, or themes to annotate/decorate your image.


  • Extra storage and or tools cost $$$
  • No "lasso" tool to capture oddly-shaped images to edit around.


  • Take digital photos and re-create "new" electronic art.
  • Teaches digital photography editing terms to photo users.
  • Share account with friends and family or community.


  • Signing up for account involves giving out personal information (e.g. email address)
  • Must be 13 years old to create membership (no way to check age).
  • Ability to browse other people's galleries could show inappropriate content.
  • The Adobe company can, as it did, transform the application to the point where the old version does not exist.

Ideas for the classroom

  • Practice adding different effects to images.
  • Post examples of digital photography done by students.
  • Load images to site and have students create a Haiku poem based on image.
  • Create a photo collage to illustrate a story.

Examples of Use in the Classroom

Adobe Photoshop Express (Neil C.)
I’m very accustomed to using Adobe Photoshop. I think that it’s a great photo editing software program that allows for creativity and expression. In my opinion, the software is not easy to use and requires a lot of practice to become fluent in using the painting tools. Here’s a digital cartoon of myself that I created using the software. Sightnext แต่งรูปออนไลน์