...the world's largest kid's art museum


SWOT Analysis


  • Free to upload art work
  • Creates a gallery for your school
  • Art project lessons are available for teachers
  • Provides artist award certificates for download
  • Art work is only publish with a child's first name and a random number - last names are never published
  • Parent moderates all comments made on a child's artwork via email notification
  • Working parents and split family members can take part in their kids' education.
  • Provides a printable permission slip to send home to parents
  • Ad free site
  • Can be used by teachers in all grade levels, including prekindergarten.
  • Can be used as an enhancement for a school's art program
  • Motivates students to put forth extra effort into their projects


  • Artwork takes a few days to be published after upload
  • Uploading can be time consuming for teachers
  • All schools listed, not just the ones with submissions, so looking at local schools is often a wild-goose chase.


  • Provides an authentic audience for student work
  • School earns 15% when parents and relatives purchase custom keepsakes featuring their student's work
  • Create online portfolios for students
  • Students are able to share their artwork with anyone online (parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors)
  • Increased parent involvement in student's work
  • Participate in a themed project or contest


  • Need to make sure students do not put identifying objects or words in their artwork

Ideas for Use in the Classroom

  • Create year long (or school long) student portfolio
  • Share work with sisters schools
  • Art project lesson planstarters
  • Learn to critique peers' art work
  • International art projects by looking at work from other countries
  • Pair art work with a story
  • Sell copies of art work for a school fundraiser
  • Issue awareness campaign using art work and share with the community

Examples of Use in the Classroom