· Ask an Expert Sources
o Strengths
§ The website allows the user to find “expert” website according to categories that are provided for them.
§ The “experts” are clearly labeled and cover a large variety of subjects.
§ The site has no distracting marketing or advertising.
o Weaknesses
§ Some of the links are old or broken.
§ The website is very plain and not visually appealing
§ No instructions are provided for the users
o Opportunities
§ Teachers can use this website to help students find information on specific subject areas by allowing them to communicate with “experts” on particular subjects.
§ Students can use this to find information about subject areas they are unsure of and may need a different perspective/presentation.
§ Students can use this as an online resource finder.
o Threats
§ Teachers need to show students how to use this website.
§ Teachers need to monitor student use and make sure they don’t deviate from the links and that the links are approriate.
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