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The Aviary web suite is a collection of free multimedia web apps that allows other networks to include its photo-editing suite.

  • Different tools to edit images and pictures.
  • Students can add music to an image.
  • Students can draw pictures and add 3D effects to images.
  • Students can make voice recordings to add their own voices to images.
  • The app is more simplified and easier to use than Photoshop.

  • May have a steeper learning curve for inexperienced students.
  • Students need an artistic background to really master the app and its controls.
  • Aviary for Education shuts down over the summer. Teachers have the ability to create student accounts and manage their work, but only during the school year.

  • Students ca share pictures, music, and images with a worldwide community of artists.
  • Students can createy music, digital art, or vector designs for free.

  • Students do not really know who he or she is communicating with, so the potential for inappropriate contact with predators is a possibility.
  • There are not many security settings to control access to accounts or information.

Ideas for the Classroom:
  • Students and teachers can collaborate on a single project to create an image together.
  • Students can create both their own music and album cover for a comprehensive, multimedia project.
  • Students can experiment with photography and learn about photo editing through Aviary's simple photo editing software.

Aviary web application suite is a proprietary[1[[|]]] collection of free multi-media web apps, a platform that allows other networks to include its photo-editing suite. As of March 2013, the platform had been used to edit over 3 billion photos